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REVEAL by Orianna Milne

The excavation of femininity, its unveiling within ourselves and the world around us, has become a prominent inner dialogue for Milne. Endeavoring to investigate these thoughts through her art, she began considering her own personal relationship to femininity and the walls built to protect it. As her musings took shape, she was lead to also explore a more collective concept of the manifestation of femininity and its interplay with the masculine.

Milne takes to the canvas as she would to a collaboration. She states, “There is a unique terrain that must be traveled from blank canvas to its completion. Somewhere along the way I let the paints take over.” Often this experience takes Milne to a deeper understanding of the piece itself and what it seeks to reveal. This collection of work offers a glimpse into what she has begun to uncover, both past and present.

Milne was born in Santa Cruz, CA. She is also an actress and singer currently living in Los Angeles with her husband. 

© 2018 by Orianna Milne
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